Our experience working with some of the world’s most successful communicators taught us that even the best tactics and technologies won't break through unless you tell a story that's simple, memorable, and authentic.

Whether you run a campaign, company, or foundation, we help you step back from the daily grind and develop a message that breaks through the clutter of today's media environment, distinguishes your organization from the competition, and sticks with your audience in a way they'll never forget.

We'll take care of the details.



Our approach to speechwriting is hands-on, personal, and collaborative. We’ll work directly with you to identify your core story, conduct the extensive research that brings a speech to life, draft remarks from start to finish, and revise the speech until you're happy and confident with the final product. Our team has helped craft remarks for some of the world's most prominent CEOs, philanthropists, celebrities, and government officials.


Message Development

Fenway will conduct an extensive audit of all internal and external communications, then work with you to identify the core of your message, sharpen and simplify your story, and instill the discipline to ensure it's succinctly and consistently communicated at every level of your organization. To date, we’ve helped develop and write narratives for Fortune 500 companies, well-known tech start-ups, and major philanthropic foundations.


Media Strategy

We will help you navigate an increasingly noisy, fractured media environment by connecting you with journalists, advising you on the timing and pitching of announcements, and employing the necessary strategies to ensure that your message breaks through. Fenway has helped formulate media strategies for a national environmental campaign, a national service organization, and a number of high-profile book tours.


Media Training

We will help you go into any interview or speech with the confidence to impress, inspire, and make your message stick. Our media training sessions go beyond well-known tips and tactics to focus on the actual content of what you want to communicate. We help you improve speech delivery by improving the speech itself, and sharpen your answers in an interview by working with you to craft memorable soundbites to even the most hostile questions. We've prepared presidents, cabinet officials, ambassadors, and business executives for their public appearances.


Digital Strategy

In today's hyperconnected world, one-way communication only goes so far. Your story should be told in a way that makes your audience want to tweet it, post it, and share it with everyone they know. An effective digital strategy blends sound message development with a sophisticated understanding of social media, and we help our clients with both.

We'll help you tell a better story.
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