One voice can change
a room.

Fenway is a speechwriting and strategic communications firm founded by former Obama Administration officials, Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor, in 2013. With some of the highest-caliber writing talent on the planet, we help clients find their voice, and show them how they can use it to change the world—one mind at a time.

Our experience working with some of the world’s most successful communicators teaches us that even the best tactics and technologies won't break through unless you tell a story that's simple, memorable, and authentic. Whether you’re preparing to deliver a commencement address, rewriting the narrative for your non-profit, aligning on a message internally or driving a rebrand on social media, we’ll work with you to make sure it’s true to who you are.

About Us

Our team is small and highly selective—every writer on our staff is a pressure-tested thought leader in their own right. We’ve worked alongside U.S. presidents and first ladies, governors, senators and presidential candidates. We’ve written books on The New York Times® Bestseller list, developed messaging plans for companies and nonprofits that are reshaping the world, and worked side-by-side with athletes, musicians, actors and other public figures.

It’s the collective force of our individual expertise that makes us different, because the Fenway model is based on collaboration. Our small size ensures that our varied perspectives are brought to bear on every project we do, ensuring our work makes headline news, trends on Twitter and inspires the kind of action that leads to lasting change.

We’re lucky to be able to be selective about our clients. If we take on your project, you can trust that we believe in its power to change the world.

What We Do



Whether you’re speaking to the United Nations, preparing a TED Talk, or delivering a commencement address, our approach is hands-on, personal, and collaborative. We’ll conduct the research that brings a speech to life, and draft and revise remarks until you're thrilled with the final product. And we’ll work at whatever pace works for you—whether you need time to home in on your big idea or have to respond to a breaking story in a matter of hours. We’ve been there. And we do this work so our clients know — no matter where they are — we’ll be there for them too.


Content Writing

For better or worse (hint: for worse), we’ve learned a tweet has the power to change the world. So does an op-ed or a blog post—as long as it’s, well, different than all of the other op-eds and blog posts out there. With more content available today than ever before, you need to do much more to stand out; and you need to make every word count, whether it’s on the Editorial page of the New York Times or on the Twitter feeds of their reporters.


Book Writing

Writing a book is hard. So we only work on ones we believe will live on bookshelves, and in readers’ minds, forever. But if you have a vision for a landmark book, we’d love to hear it. Our team of experienced writers can guide you through every step of the process, from preparing a proposal to writing and editing your draft, to creating the remarks and talking points you use at readings, and in interviews, once your book is a success.


Message Development

We conduct an extensive audit of your communications, then work with you to identify the core of your message, sharpen and simplify your story, and instill the discipline to ensure it's succinctly and consistently communicated at every level of your organization. We've helped develop and write narratives for Fortune 100 companies, tech start-ups that are actually making the world a better place, and some of the most impactful nonprofits on the planet.


Presentation Coaching

We’ll help you go in front of any crowd with the confidence to impress, inspire, and make your message stick. Our training sessions go beyond well-known tips and tactics to focus on the actual content of what you want to communicate. We help you improve speech delivery by improving the speech itself. We've prepared presidents, cabinet officials, ambassadors, and CEOs for their public appearances.

We’ll help you find your voice.
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